My Inquiry

For the past few years I have been in consultation with colleagues regarding school readiness with our New Entrants. Many of our children enter school with very little oral language and usually no writing experience. It is a continual, and very time consuming struggle for the learners to not only develop and hold an idea but to then put it on paper. This begs the enquiry as to whether there needs to be more of a focus on intensive oral language and less on the physical aspect of writing. I am excited at the idea of using 1 to 1 devices to support and encourage the pedagogical shift I would like to enquire into. With careful decision making, scaffolding and use of appropriate apps, it is hoped the learners will be able to digitally record, recycle and recraft their language encompassing our 'Learn, Create, Share' adage. Of course, all curriculum areas will be covered, and those with writing readiness will be encouraged to do so in the confines of their daily micro teaching groups. This is a new area of enquiry as it involves a pedagogical shift not only into a digital framework but also educational theory in NZ. The foci will be on building oral language in order to allow our more fragile learners time to experiment with their language expansion and also with dialogue. Added into this line of enquiry is the wonderful gift of my MDTA teacher, Karen Belt. We will be working together designing and building the theory and innovation to support the oral language necessary to transition from early childhood to Year 1 and hopefully beyond.

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